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Joseph D. Touzier – Founder & Chairman

Joseph D. Touzier

Founder & Chairman

Joseph D. Touzier founded Wheat Capital Management in 2015 and leads the Firm’s overall strategic direction, is a member of the Firm’s Investment Committee and oversees the capital formation process. A seasoned entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in creating several multi- million-dollar start-up companies within the insurance, travel, computer, and alternative investment industries, Joseph D. Touzier has led a multitude of highly successful campaigns across the capital formation and marking processes.

Prior to Wheat, Joseph D. Touzier founded Cinergy Health in 2005, which generated over $150 million in annual revenue at its peak. The company focused on building an innovative health benefits platform, serving niche markets within the sector and providing the highest levels of customer service and patient advocacy. His expertise and direct marketing strategies enabled the company to solidify its leadership position in the dynamic health and life insurance industry. Applying his astute entrepreneurial skills which have been honed over a twenty-year career, as well as his expertise in capital formation and marketing, Joseph D. Touzier has been instrumental in positioning the Firm as a premier real estate investment management company.