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Jennifer Newman – Vice President of Human Resources & Operations

Jennifer Newman

Vice President of Human Resources & Operations

Jennifer Newman joined Wheat Capital Management in 2015 and serves as Vice President of Human Resources & Operations.  Mrs. Newman, is uniquely qualified and brings a diversified talent to the company. In her position, Ms. Newman is committed to providing effective and efficient ways to meet clients’ needs. She is responsible for overseeing all operations and ensuring that each department’s operating needs are met in order to achieve the Company’s objectives. She will function as the operational liaison between the Company and its business partners including real estate developers, property management and service vendors.

Ms. Newman brings solid experience within various facets of the insurance, real estate development, retail and call-center industries. Her areas of expertise include business development, strategic planning, project management, customer relations and human resources with extensive experience in developing company policies and procedures.

She has worked in the insurance industry for the last 15 years with Humana, Oxonia Insurance, Cinergy Health and most recently with Florida True Health a subsidiary of BCBS/Amerihealth overseeing Florida operations. Ms. Newman’s skills and dedication are a positive contribution to the Company. Her drive and focus will play an instrumental role in the Company’s growth and will aid in ensuring clients are provided with quality and excellence.