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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy 

Our Four Core Principles:

  • Stability of capital preservation and appreciation
  • Inflation protection in the form of a hard asset
  • Reduction of risk, higher risk-adjusted returns and greater intrinsic value versus other alternative investments
  • Recession-resistant investment with strong, consistent yield in the event of a market downturn

Wheat Advantages:

  • Stability of capital preservation and appreciation
  • Co-Invest/Manager Commitment – The Firm’s Principals personally invest in every investment opportunity
  • Exclusive Partnerships with Industry-leading Operators, Advisors and Consultants
  • Diversification – Wheat seeks diversification by geography, primarily across the U.S. and Canada to create a well-balanced portfolio of self-storage real estate assets
  • Limited Competition – Specialized strategies and disciplined approach allow the firm to be under the radar of most private equity real estate firms
  • Deep Experience of Investment Team – The Firm’s Principals, along with our exclusive network of operators, advisors and consultants, have over 80 years of real estate investment experience
  • Institutional-quality Reporting, Financial & Quality-control Systems
  • In-house Site Selection & Acquisition
  • In-house Development and Construction Services