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Harry Sherman – General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Harry Sherman

General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sherman joined Wheat Capital Management in 2016 as General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Sherman is Wheat Capital Management’s Chief Legal officer with oversight responsibility for all regulatory, legal and compliance matters including conducting due diligence, drafting and negotiating a broad range of agreements for all real estate and financial transactions as well as the structuring of investment vehicles at the Company.  Mr. Sherman will also work closely with the CEO & President, and the heads of each business unit regarding strategic and tactical planning.

Prior to joining Wheat, Mr. Sherman served as U.S. Country Manager and Counsel for NGC Partners, a European private equity firm focused on the development and management of electric generation assets derived from renewable energy sources.  Prior to NGC Partners, Mr. Sherman served as Senior Project Finance Counsel at NextEra Energy Resources, a large, diversified publicly-traded renewable energy company focused on the development and construction of solar and wind-powered electric generation facilities. From 2003 to 2008, Mr. Sherman served as Assistant General Counsel at LNR Property, LLC (“LNR”), a real estate investment company specializing in Commercial Real Estate Development, Finance, Securities, and Special Servicing.

At LNR, Mr. Sherman provided strategic legal counsel, transaction management, and corporate legal administration for the firm’s commercial real estate property, investment security assets, and led many of the firm’s M&A initiates. Additionally, Mr. Sherman was responsible for LNR’s regulatory, compliance, and reporting requirements under applicable U.S. Federal securities laws. Mr. Sherman received a J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law, and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College.